The Gandaki River (also known as the Narayani in southern Nepal and the Gandak in India) is one of the major rivers of Nepal and a left bank tributary of the Ganges in India.

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Gaindakot, Nepal

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Significance of Gandaki

The ancient Valmiki Ashram (hermitage) and surrounding temples are located in the Chitwan National Park of Nepal.It is located at a distanace of about 7 km from Valmikinagar. It is approachable for pilgrimage only from Valmikinagar near Gandak Barrage, both from Nepal and India.

It is said that Valmiki Rishi (sage) wrote the great epic, “Ramayana” here. It is also believed to be the birthplace of Luv & Kush (the two sons of Lord Ram and his divine wife Sita. The hermitage also has landmarks of Sita’s ‘Falahar’ (eating place), Meditation place of the great Sage-Valmiki, the place where the Ashwamedh horse was tied, Amrit (nectar of immortality) Kuan (well); Vishnu Chakra (disc), and the Hawan (Yagna) Kund (sacred square structure to perform fire rituals).

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Gandaki is a materially opulent location which has an attraction for the feeblest of minds, with little to no exposure to Krishna Consciousness

The Gandaki project at Gaidakot, Nepal

The Agenda

JULY 2013

Conceptualized in devotion by Bhaktisiddhanta Das Prabhu over a period of decades,  the project commenced in mid 2013. Bhaktisiddhanta prabhu brings with him a vision derived out of Krishna Bhakti that also inspired him to visualize and bring to fruition the ISKCON Kathmandu project several, several years ago. However, it is his meeting with Srila Prabhupada that enthuses him to take on the challenges associated with the project at this point of time in his life.

mid 2013 - Conceptualization

Around this time the wordly representation of this altar precipitated.

2014 - Contract phase with BDA

BDA – One of Nepal’s premier construction agencies with a proven track record

2015 - Initial funds accumulated.

Credit goes to the single minded perseverance of Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhu, who arranged for these via his personal network.

Mid 2016 - Ground breaking at Gaidakot

Levelling and excavation; selection of local materials and sourcing.

Early 2017 - Foundation work commenced

2018 - Top structure construction continues contingent to the supply of funds

We are a few hundred thousand $ short.

Finish - 2020


Event Featured

Devotees Involved

Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhu

Project Head


Project Coordinator

Marissa Bayer

Desinger - Vahoo

Mike Medium

Co-Founder - ASW

The Location at Gandaki!

The location will be...

The Amazing Gandaki River side

As you can see, our location on the banks of the river is picturesque. However, scarcity of funds has meant that we are unable to acquire more land in the vicinity of the temple, which is likely to appreciate as soon as our project nears completion. Therefore, with folded hands, we request you to cooperate in boosting the financial strength of the project at this important stage allowing for it to be self-sustaining in the years to come.

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Our Amazing Sponsors

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With the passage of time, the marginal equity of your dollars will reduce. Upon additional land that we plan to acquire in the vicinity of the project, we plan to build a gau mata shelter, a local hospital and perhaps a small Vedic school. However, if we lose our momentum and miss out, this opportunity will pass us by.